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I’ve decided that I’m going to play donkaments instead of a cash for a while. As much as I want to beat cash games, I also want to enjoy poker. I really don’t enjoy playing cash. I don’t know if it’s because I never make money at it or because I don’t like it, all I know is that time goes by SOOOO slowly when I’m playing it. Even when I’m up money I find myself wishing the time would go by faster (I usually play in 4 hour blocks).

I was making breakfast in the morning and couldn’t bear to eat such a cute little mushroom, so I gave it to Dave as a good luck charm. Seeing as he’s busted like everything he’s played so far, I guess it didn’t really help.

I played 13 tourneys on this fine Sunday donkamenting day and pretty much bricked everything. It was one of those days where it was rare to be in a tournament for longer than the first hour (except for rebuys, sigh).

I’m terrible at multitabling more than 5 tables and need to get better. I timed out with 99 and AA preflop today, but I blame Full Tilt software for that :)

PokerStars has this women’s league promo and I can’t decide whether or not to try it. Basically there are tournaments every day at the same time, and the better you finish in them, the more points you receive. You receive points just for playing them, too. The woman with the most points every month gets a cash prize.The woman with the most points at the end of the year gets a tournament package.

Two problems with the league: the money is inconsequential to me (the tournaments are $5.50 and 1st place every month gets $300) and the tournaments are at horrible times. I can’t decide if it’s worth it for this league tournament to take up one of my windows every morning (esp since I can’t multitable well, lol). I do think I have a huge edge in the league, though (women are terrible at poker) and I also think that the person that wins the yearly package will have a great opportunity with PokerStars. So I dunno what to do.

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