100 buy-in milestone!

I am officially down over 100 of my average buy-ins playing online since the start of August. It’s crazy to me because it’s only over like 16 days of playing, so it all happened really fast if I think about it.

So I learned first hand that a 100 buy-in bankoll rule for playing large field MTTs is too low. WAY too low. I lost that entire bankroll in less than a month of full time playing. I’m playing massively over rolled right now so it’s not an issue for me… but if I ever lost my bankroll and had to start over, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it with less than 350 buy-ins. So to play my average buy-in of $30, I would want well over $10k. It seems ridiculous but now that I’ve experienced it, there’s no way I could play with less.

Obviously it’s different if you are willing to move down in stakes. If I were in a bad spot, I could just take the $55s, $11Rs etc. out of my schedule. That would drop my average buy-in A LOT. There’s plenty of $11 to $33 stuff to play on PokerStars and Full Tilt, so it’s really easy to play a bunch of stuff at a ~$20 buy-in. Although with my new rule of 350 buy-ins, I would need $7k for even that, hahah…

I wonder how SnGs play these days. If I had to start over with my bankroll, I would probably grind SnGs until I had over $4k. Once I had over $4k I would play $11 MTTs and go from there.

Umm okay so my new strategy for thinking about my year long downswing is to condense it all as if I were a full time player. So I guess that makes my cash downswing like 3 months max and then my tournaments downswing 1 month. So I’ve only been running bad for 4 months…


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