mmm fruit?

We got a Vitamix blender the other day and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT. The main reason I wanted it was because we don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in our diets. Fruit smoothies are pretty much the easiest way to consume a bunch of fruit fast, so it seemed to make sense. I’ve tried to buy cheaper blenders in the past, but they’ve all been so bad. I’ve probably wasted a couple hundred dollars buying cheap blenders in the last few years, so may as well just put an end to it and spend $500 for something really good.

This morning I made two smoothies for breakfast and ended up consuming 2 cups of strawberries, half a banana, half a cup of grapes, and 60 grams of yogurt. I could normally never eat that much fruit in one sitting. And this blender is AMAZING. It blends everything together so smoothly, I AM IN LOVE.

I’m gonna try to make a soup next. I think Dave is making a tomato sauce in it tonight.

lol I blogged about a blender. How sad. I just wanted to write about something other than poker fail and that’s all I could think of.

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