I am greedy because I refused to chop 13-handed in a live tournament

I didn’t feel like playing real poker on Saturday, so I went and played a $165 liveament instead. It was pretty convenient because microstakes live tournaments are so easy and then I could also feel like I was “working” at the same time 😛 Yay for being lazy.

I think ~80 people played. The structure was, of course, really fast with shallow stacks. When we were down to 13 players, people started talking about a chop. I thought to myself, WTF seriously? LOL?!

The tournament was supposed to pay 8 players. People got really excited at the thought of making $1k via a 13-way chop. Apparently it was worth 4th place money and EVERYONE thought it was a good idea except me. I probably would have done it if I had <5bb in my stack, but at this point I had 20bb (which was slightly above average).

So obviously I was like, WTF NO! And obviously people were like wtf, that bitch! This old asian guy came up to me and asked, “Why are you so greedy?!”

They all asked me again once it got 12-handed. I told them I’d do a deal if they gave me $2k, but they wouldn’t agree to it, haha.

Once it got down to 11 players, another ridiculous request came up: could we combine both tables to one so that we could have an 11-handed final table? LOL WAT?? Once again I was the only one to say no to this, and people just could not understand why. People kept asking me, “Isn’t it better for you if we combine the tables? Do you want to get eaten up by the blinds?” Wowwwwww.

The short-handed table was AWESOME for me, btw! I got so many walks and I don’t think I got 3-bet once, woohoo!

Anyway, I lost a flip at the final table, stayed alive by winning two 70/30s (while behind), and then busted when I couldn’t win a third 70/30 (while behind). 5th place, GG.

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