Reducing the average field size

Poker has been tough for me this past week. It’s been normal where wins/losses are concerned (actually quite good considering I’m only down a few hundred dollars), but it’s been difficult mentally. I’ve been trying to play smaller field sizes lately in an attempt to reduce variance and go deep more often. While it seemed to work since I did go deep in the same $22 big antes tournament two days in a row, I unfortunately took 10th and 11th. I can’t describe to you how insanely tilting that was!

Thursday and Friday were really bad for me emotionally. I really wish I could just bubble those final tables and not care. I hate how a day of tournament fail can just build up and cause me to get so pissed off during a session. I need to make myself a large neon sign that says, “This is how tournament poker is, get the F over it already!”

Things have gone really badly for Dave the last few months, which has really hurt the bankroll. Limiting our field sizes is really just risk management to protect our bankroll as much as possible while he works to get back on track. We’ve been starting at 8 am this past week, which has allowed us to play some guaranteed prize pools with smaller fields. And then capped tournaments have been a priority too. I really like the big ante tournaments (even though apparently I can’t final table them no matter how hard I try).

Tomorrow is Sunday which is the attempt-to-bink-a-huge-score day. I think I’m still going to try to play as many capped fields as possible, though. Variance is really scary to me at the moment.

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