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Online poker went through some huge changes since I last wrote. The end result is that Americans can’t play online poker on Full Tilt and PokerStars anymore.

Not much has changed for me except that I have stopped playing on Full Tilt for the time being. I intend on waiting until they have paid all their US customers the balances in their accounts. If their business is still running happily after that, I will go back. Until then, I am erring on the side of not trusting them.

I’ve been playing turbo 180s to compensate for the lack of Full Tilt tourneys. It’s slow going for me at the start of my session without Full Tilt tourneys, but usually I have a lot to play a couple hours in. It DOES suck when I run bad and I’m 3-tabling at like 10 am, though. I admit that I kinda miss Full Tilt. The other problem is that I only seem to win on FTP and I always lose on PS, so maybe this is a bad choice…

/boring post. Another reason I haven’t been posting lately is that I’ve been blogging for in their guest blog. I’ll post a link to my posts next time I write. Until then, GLGL!

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