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I haven’t updated for a while; I got a little lazy after a couple of my sessions and then I didn’t play for a couple days this past week.

I finally cashed an LAPT satellite today. It was a $22 3x rebuy that had a package for 1st and $3.8k for 2nd, and I ended up losing HU. I would have obviously liked to win, but I can’t really complain. It means that I’ve made a slight profit playing satellites since starting, which is much better than the amount I was down to start the day.

I played a late session today and didn’t play much HU during the satty, so I only played 30 SnGs. They were extremely tilting and I finished off by losing something like 8 straight to be down around 10 buy-ins. I stopped after that little stretch partly because games were bad but mostly because I was more tilted than I should have been. It put me in a pretty bad mood in the end, which is stupid considering I am actually up for the day.

That happens to me pretty often, though. The way my last hour goes often dictates whether I’m happy or annoyed at my session, not even taking into account profits or losses for the day. It seems pretty ridiculous, now that I think about it.

Gonna enjoy the rest of my Friday night. Tomorrow I’ll finally play a real day of poker.

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