more insomnia, sigh

Haven’t really played poker in a while; been having trouble sleeping again and this time there’s no drug to blame it on. I think it’s been 4 or 5 nights straight that I’ve woken up 5+ times during the night. I’m really confused about why this is happening so much and I wish it would go away because I want to play poker and feel normal during the day again.

Getting proper sunlight during the day and making sure I exercise hasn’t helped solve it, yet. I’ve been trying to wind down properly every evening and avoid computer screens/TV/etc before bed, which usually helps but hasn’t done the trick this time around.

I played three hours of poker today (first poker this week), but I feel far too sleepy to get the other 3 hours done right now.

Hopefully I sleep properly tonight… keep saying this every day. For real this time? Please?

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