first losing week of the year

Now that I have restricted myself from looking at my results at the end of the day, I always feel excited for Sunday, when I’m finally allowed to see my results for the week. It sounds so stupid but I can’t help it.

As the title says, I had my first losing week of the year. I lost around 7 average buy-ins which is not too bad, so I can’t really complain. If I can keep all my losing weeks to that for the rest of the year, I think I could get rich 😉

I didn’t use melatonin again last night and I thought that I slept badly, but I feel fine today. I guess it’s because I am spending quite a bit of time in bed each day which is pretty bad for productivity, but it works for helping me feel good when I finally get up.

I had some crazy dream last night about unexpectedly going on the hike to Machu Picchu again in Peru. I remember being really freaked out in this dream because I had very little time to pack and there weren’t going to be any porters and I was going to have to carry all my own stuff. It was a stupid dream but I can’t stop thinking about it today. I guess I miss Peru? I really don’t want to ever do that hike ever again, though, so my subconscious is stupid.

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