NOW back at it?

Last entry I said I was back to the grind but then I had a week of not very much poker again. I feel like the week just flew by and that I can’t believe we’re 10 days into April already. I’ve only played 3 full days of poker so far this month, so I’m pretty far behind pace.

I don’t have a lot planned for the rest of the month, though, so I should be able to get at least 100 hours at the tables between now and April 30th.

Today I played almost 8 hours and the volume was pretty bad overall. The one positive was that I played a higher average buy-in than usual because I played almost half my volume at $200s. I’m not really sure why this happened, but I’ll take it :)

I think today I ran okay overall, especially during the night session. Hopefully I’m right. I’m pretty sure that the last time I said I ran good, I didn’t make a single dollar 😛

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