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I’m having a good week. I’m sleeping a lot later than I should be every day, but I physically feel much better than I did last week or the week before.

Obviously this has helped me get back on track with poker. I’m having a bit of a battle with a $200 reg on PokerStars. I originally started sitting him after we simultaneously sat a lobby one day and I saw that he has some pretty big leaks.

He obliged me and rematched me when I sat him. He then got pissy in chat when I quit my session for the night because he said I was hit and running. I told him not to worry, that I would be happy to play him again in the future.

We played again a few days later and he told me I’m “sat for life” for all my hit and runs. For what it’s worth, I’m up several thousand versus him, so obviously when I quit I’m going to up more often than I’m down. This simple logic isn’t easy for him to understand, though, so apparently I’m sat for life :)

The point of this story is to explain the background for this thread:

2p2 HU4rollz

Since I posted this thread, he hasn’t said a word in chat. He has continued to sit me, though. In fact, now he sit/declines me in an effort to ensure I don’t get fish. What he doesn’t understand is that I WANT to play him.

I feel like I’ve gotten much better at poker this past week thanks, in part, to these games. It’s been a great exercise in adjusting to a “competent” opponent. I’m running very good against him, but I am happy with how I’m playing and my EV ROI is high.

I haven’t played as many hours as I would have liked so far this week, but there’s still a couple more days to go. Hopefully I can get my sleeping back on track and rack up a bunch more hours before the week is over.

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