If you have tilt problems, consider getting lupus :)

I think lupus might have killed tilt.

I just played a reg for an hour and ran about as bad as I’ve ever run. All sorts of shenanigans happened, like losing 3 hands in 3 hands, losing with 2nd nut flush to a boat, blah blah who cares. Finished with positive EV, though, and didn’t tilt at all. Actually kinda had fun, it’s been a while since I got to play a reg for longer than one game.

I also noticed less tilt when I was playing Magic (the Gathering, yes I know, huge nerd. It’s awesome btw) when I wasn’t feeling well enough to play poker but wanted to play a game. Magic has a lot of variance and when I was playing after I got diagnosed, I found that running bad didn’t really bother me anymore.

Obviously I need more sample and maybe this is just a novelty, but that would be so sweet if it were actually the case. I’m pretty sure I might get rich 😉

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