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I wasn’t able to play as much poker as I would have liked in February due to tons of doctor appointments and blood tests. I also found out that I can’t really plan to play poker on any given day. I tried to do that a couple times and on those days I just randomly felt like crap, so wasn’t able to play poker after all. I guess in general I’m learning that I can’t really predict my life at all right now and I just gotta go with the flow.

The days that I did play seemed go to pretty well though. I really limited my tables because at first I was definitely rusty. This improved as the month went on.

While I was a little bit rusty when it came to the actual poker, it was more the quickness of my decisions that was most rusty. I knew what to do in most spots but it took a bit longer than before to figure it out. This improved as I played more and now I think it’s almost back to normal.

My discipline was also worse at the start of the month than at the end. At the start I was making calls that I knew I shouldn’t make but I wanted to call because I just wanted to see that I was right. It’s the most donk thing ever and I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed it by now, but you never know when it will come back…

I also had some tilt issues after I wrote that “lupus cured my tilt” post. I ran extremely bad in February, probably the worst I’ve ever run since starting hypers. Bad timing for sure. I got better at handling it as the month went on, though, and I really do think my entire tilt control is much better than pre-lupus days.

My EV for the month was really good and I’m really happy with how I’m playing right now. I think I’m improved from November, which is a great sign. If I can keep feeling decent, I should eventually be able to increase my volume, ride out the variance, and actually make some money.

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