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In the Netherlands!

Despite my admirable food prep, I did not go deep in the MiniFTOPS Main Event. I lasted five hours with one of my stacks but unfortunately did not cash. Dave cashed with one of his six entries at around the 6 hour mark.

I registered normal tourneys until 5 pm and then played turbos after that. I didn’t get a lot of volume in because I lasted so long with most of my stacks in the ME.

Right now I am in the Amsterdam airport waiting for my flight to Edinburgh. I got ~5 min sleep on our overnight flight, so I am VERY tired. I can’t wait to get to Dundee and then just go to sleep!

MTT food prep

I got up today and spent some time preparing food for our day of donkamenting. If you know you’re going to be playing a long day, I think it’s really important to have food lined up. There’s nothing worse than being really hungry and not having anything ready to eat. Tournament players have five minutes every hour to use the washroom and find food. That’s not a lot of time to make sure you’re eating properly throughout the day!

Meal one: Chicken breast with asparagus
Meal two: Spinach salad with egg
Meal three: Spaghetti with Italian sausage

Most of today’s food is leftovers from other meals. It really saves a lot of time to get leftovers ready to go on plates or in bowls, though, so that you just grab it out of the fridge and throw it in the microwave once your break starts. Then you have plenty of time to use the washroom or just relax. Five minute breaks actually feel pretty long if you’re not running around like a chicken with your head cut off :)

Oh and if you’re an environmental freak, take note that I don’t usually use plastic wrap to when refrigerating stuff. But when preparing meals for donkaments, plastic wrap is sooo key!

GL at the tables.

more iphone photos that make me happy

This was the poker room at the PCA. I wish I had taken some better photos while I was there. This was the only poker related photo that I got, which is a shame because 1) it’s a bad pic and 2) everything else looked really impressive and definitely deserved to be photographed. Oh well, next year!

This reminds me that I never did write that PCA trip report, did I?


This is a photo of the Nassau Airport. Basically the entire International departures area was one room. Pretty small. Pretty crazy. The most annoying thing about the airport was that I couldn’t figure out how to connect to the Internet :'(


My friend and I went to the Venetian for dinner one night when we were in Vegas back in February. We went to Bouchon and it was delicious! I would definitely go again.


This is the most amazing tasting salad in the world. It’s spinach, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, tomato, mushroom, egg, avocado, mozzarella cheese, and parm & garlic dressing. OMG SO GOOD!!! The only thing it could have used was some bacon and a couple croutons, but it was soo good even without those!


This is how someone parked one day in Safeway. The open car door on the bottom right is my car. I was actually sitting there waiting for them to correct their parking job so that I could pull through to the space ahead, but apparently they decided that parking right in the middle of two spots was okay. Also note the distance between the back of their space and their car. Half their car is outside the lines and in the driving lane of the parking lot. WTF? Stupid Asian women.

If you’re an Asian woman, don’t be offended. I’m Asian too. Meh. We drive bad? At least we’re hot :)

P.S. I am not a bad driver. I’m crazy though.

back to the grind

Played tournaments for the first time in February today! I started ~9:30 am and decided to stop registering non-turbos around 1:30 pm. I stopped a little earlier than usual but it was probably a good idea because I was definitely losing focus once I was down to my final few tables a few hours later.

Pretty standard day albeit with less tourneys than usual for a Sunday. Played 24 with an ABI of $31. Lost just $430 which I’m pretty pleased about. I finally cashed a $109. I’ve been getting into some sick spots in those ever since I started playing them, and today was the same. Except that this time I had the discipline to fold, YAY 😉 (hopefully I was behind, lol)

This is kind of a dumb post cuz I have nothing else to really say. The cash games that I played in preparation for the Big Game all kind of canceled out this month. I won quite a few buy-ins playing online but lost a few playing live.

Overall I enjoyed playing deep cash games and I really learned a lot while doing so. I’m definitely a better poker player because of it! I find it much easier to focus and play long days with tournaments, though, which makes sense because there’s so much more thinking involved with cash. Hopefully I can find some time to play cash every so often in between my tourney sessions because I’m sure it will help me become a much better player in the long run.

Back from Vegas

I’m back from the Big Game! Here’s a blog with my thoughts about the experience:

Courtney Gee Back from the PokerStars Big Game!

I signed a strict non-disclosure agreement and was told that I’m being watched closely, so that’s all I intend on saying until the shows air. I had to get that bit of writing “approved” before I could go ahead and post it, so you can see how strict they are. It’s all really understandable, of course.

Yesterday was my first day home after Vegas and I had an amazing day. I couldn’t help but think how amazing my life is. I always hear people complaining about their jobs, wishing the weekend would come, looking forward to the next holiday so that they can have a day off. I never feel that way anymore. I look forward to Mondays because it’s my day to relax. I look forward to Thursdays because I get to play poker again. Weekends are great because they’re always long days filled with tournaments. And then I’m back to being happy about Monday because I always sleep in that day.

If I wake up in the morning feeling like crap, I can take the day off. If something comes up and I need to be somewhere unexpectedly during the day, I can rearrange my schedule. When I made the Big Game and needed to clear a week to fly to Vegas, I didn’t have to beg my boss. This is freedom. This is what I want from life.

I admit that there is an appeal to becoming a nurse/pharmacist/teacher, having benefits, and being guaranteed a pension when I retire. I would save a bunch of money for sure. I’d have plenty of money for retirement and I’d be able to see the world once I was done working. A secure and reliable income is really appealing – I can’t deny this.

And who knows. Maybe in a couple years I will realize that I want that security back. Maybe I will realize that I don’t want to play poker for my entire life, that it’s too much of a grind, that the downswings are just too emotionally difficult. Maybe I’ll want benefits or maybe I’ll realize that I don’t have enough put away for retirement.

Or maybe online poker will die and I won’t have a choice. Maybe I’ll have to stop playing poker because I’m not making enough per year to support my kids or to buy a house or whatever I’ll want to do in 2 or 5 or 7 years. It’s not like I’m living in luxury and it’s definitely not a secure income. There are downswings. It can be scary when you don’t make money for consecutive months and when the bank account gets lower. Maybe it will eventually take a toll on me.

But right now, I love my life. I play a card game for a living. I’m doing what I love. Is there anything better than that?

good luck me

There are a couple changes for this season of the PokerStars Big Game. The good one is that there are only 6 of us competing for the NAPT Passport (last season there were 11 cannons). The bad one is that we don’t get the option to come back for another session if we have any sort of profit (last season cannons had the option to play two sessions as long as they were up money during their first session).

I think the good of the 6 cannons outweighs the bad of the not being able to play two sessions. Looks like I need another two outer for that NAPT Passport 😉

Here’s a blog post I wrote for PokerListings:

I’m the Next Loose Cannon on the PokerStars Big Game!

When I get back from Vegas, I intend on blogging about my experience. I also intend on documenting some of my trip and posting a video on FTR. Hopefully I can get some interesting stuff.

Please send me some mental run good. Thank you!!

Leaving in 5 days

There is no word in the English language that can describe how I feel right now. It is a mixture of being anxious, overwhelmed, excited, nervous, scared, and in disbelief, all at the same time.



This post is incredibly overdue. I haven’t written for weeks and I never even wrote my PCA trip report. My life has been absolutely crazy since I got back from the Bahamas.

I found out almost two weeks ago but I didn’t want to post anything public because I still had to undergo a background check. The background check went fine, though, and now everything is ready to go! I am leaving for Vegas on February 18th and I’m playing on the 20th.

I really can’t describe how it felt to read the congratulatory email. I was in shock and so happy at the same time, I’ve never felt anything like it before! I pretty much sat here and thought, wow is this really happening?

To add to that, just a couple days later I chopped 3-ways in the $53 super turbo on Full Tilt for $14k. Talk about being a lucksack!

After the news and the score, I was shocked and excited for around four days. Then the days that followed were actually incredibly stressful as I tried to juggle my life, work, and poker. I felt really overwhelmed and was actually restless and depressed for a couple days.

I thought to myself, WTF is wrong with me? I’m running so good at life right now yet I feel like shit. What’s wrong?

I wanted to make poker a priority so that I could mentally get ready for the Big Game, but I was scared of leaving everything else in my life for after I got back from Vegas. And then we were trying to good train, bus, and theatre tickets for the March trip, and I totally couldn’t handle the stress!

Anyway it’s been a week since I started freaking out about everything, and I’m fine now. I decided to leave everything else for after my trip to Vegas so that I have more time to focus on poker. Deciding to do this has really helped me mentally.

Thinking about going on TV doesn’t scare me, and playing poker in a big game doesn’t scare me, but putting them together is a different animal. Although saying that I’m “scared” is definitely wrong. Worried that I might play horribly while everyone can see my hole cards and KNOW I’m playing horribly … this is probably more accurate. It’s a silly thing to worry about and obviously all I can do is just play my best and hopefully have a great time in the process. I am working on not being nervous or anxious and so far it has been just fine.

I have done a lot of little things to prepare myself for the show. I feel incredibly lucky to have had help from some wonderful people at FTR – I am so grateful to you guys. I have one more week to get myself prepared, and I just plan on making the most of it.

Thank you also to everyone that has congratulated and supported me so far. Thanks for the advice and well wishes.

Continuation of epic run good one time?!

PCA $1k Ladies Event Trip Report

As I said in a previous post, I sold half my action in the $1.1k Ladies PCA event. I feel that I owe my backers a trip report, so here is my attempt to write one.

This will, however, be the most boring TR known to man. If I take out the breaks, I played for ~7 hours, but it was an extremely boring tournament for me. In fact, I only went to show down (in a non AI pot) twice.

96 women entered the tournament, which was a slightly fewer than I expected. I drew a BAD table. PokerStars player minko23 (ranked on p5s) was two to my left. Victoria Coren was a few to my right. A lot of the girls there played online, and a lot of them had high stakes playing boyfriends/husbands. There was also a lady that final tabled last year.

Something I should clarify is that the table was tough only by ladies tourney standards. This just means that it wasn’t full of limp/calling, 6x raising droolers. Some of them actually raised <3x preflop and played okay post flop.

So I’ll talk about the two show downs I had.

Hand 1: First level, so we were ~200bb deep. I was on the BU and the CO raised 3bb. She hadn’t raised yet, and it was the first time it was folded to us in LP. I flatted the BU with ATo. Flop came Kxx and she checked. I bet half pot and she called. I checked behind A turn and snap called the river (can’t remember what it was) and lost to KK.

Hand 2: I think it was the 3rd level of blinds. I know that I was 80bb deep. I raised in MP ~2.5bb with 99 and the BB called. She had been calling a fair amount preflop and the most important thing to know about her was that she was donk betting extremely frequently. Probably 80% of the time. She had shown down a few donk bets and we saw that she had been doing it with both made hands (TPTK) and bluffs. Anyway, the flop came Qxx and she (of course) donk bet. I was slightly surprised about the sizing, though, which was pot sized. There was no draw on the board, so I was confused. I called. Turn was a A and she bet half pot. I think that perhaps I should have found a fold to this second bet. I hadn’t seen her bet the turn as a bluff yet and she has an ace a decent percentage of the time when she bets. Obv I called, though. River was a Q and we both checked and she showed AJ.

After that hand I had about 60% of my starting chips. I almost doubled up before the 5th blind level, though, without going to show down. I raised Ax suited in LP <2.5bb and got called by a lady that just got moved to the table in the BB. I cbet a flush draw flop, checked back the turn, and pushed over a bet that was 40% of my remaining stack on the river after hitting my flush. Apparently she was bluffing, though, because she folded.

That hand got me to a little above my starting stack, and it was unfortunately the highest my stack would go for the rest of the tournament. I was pretty card dead the rest of the way and didn’t play too many pots. The pots I did play all ended on the flop with a cbet (I won a couple and lost a couple of these… probably broke even overall).

I eventually got moved to a different table which was easier than the first one, but my stack (and cards) prevented me from taking advantage of it. The highlight of the table for me was pushing over a BU raise in the BB with AJ with ~8000 chips at 150/300 25 ante. The BU, who was a PokerStars pro that I won’t bother to name, totally freaked out when I did this. She was like, “WHAT? You’re pushing 8000?! Why so much?! Do you want a call?! I actually have a hand! You probably don’t think I have anything because I’m on the button…” She thought about it for a minute, mucked, and kept asking me if I wanted a call. She said to herself, “Of course she didn’t want a call…” Then she asked me (in an annoyed tone of voice), “Do you play online?” It occurred to me that I could lie about it, but then don’t most of the people at PCA play online? Meh. I told her that I play “a bit”.

The funniest was when her friend came over to the table and she said to him, “You’ll never guess what just happened to me!” I heard her telling him about the hand and then I heard her say to him, “She plays online,” as if that explained everything. Haha – definitely the highlight of the tourney for me.

So blinds got higher and my stack didn’t increase. I got it all-in with QQ and chopped with another QQ. I also got it all-in with TT and chopped with another TT, wtf. I got KK right before the dinner break and shoved UTG with 11bb and won the blinds. I think I could have considered min raising with the KK, but a couple players at the table would have been suspicious of this.

I was disappointed to come back after the dinner break and discover that I had been moved. I had a good image at my table and would have gotten a lot of folds for my pushes :( I got moved to a table with huge stacks in front of me, FML.

I played only two hands at this new table. The first hand I was in the BB and I folded. The second hand I had ~12bb and 55 in the SB. I shoved over a 3bb CO raise. The lady said, “This is probably a bad call” and called anyway with KTs. I lost. GG

I felt terrible after losing that flip, more terrible than I expected. At first I wished that I hadn’t pushed. I thought to myself that I was probably going to be able to chip up pretty decently by open shoving preflop and I didn’t have THAT much FE with my 3bet. I also did not like the fact that it was only my second hand at the table and I had no reads on the lady.

After thinking about it, though, I stopped being results oriented and felt okay with it. I DEFINITELY had plenty of FE versus a random woman in a live donkament with my stack. The fact that she raised 3bb shows that she probably wasn’t an online player, which gives me even more FE (IMO). If I could go back in time, I might not make that push because I think that I maybe have more to gain by open push/folding, but the difference is perhaps so trivial that it’s not worth thinking about.

Obviously if anyone disagrees, please let me know (especially if you were one of my backers).

Thanks to Jono, Josh, and Mike for buying my action. I hope this TR was sufficient (although I know it was super boring. In fact, maybe you’re not even reading anymore, lol). I was extremely disappointed that I couldn’t make you some profit, but hopefully there will be a next time. My ITM is like 50% in ladies events, so I’m practically guaranteed to make a profit next time 😉

This was way longer than I expected. I’ll write again later this week about the rest of my trip. I’m playing online tomorrow which I am excited about because it feels like it’s been a while.

5 hours in Toronto airport

I’m sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for the flight that will take me to the Bahamas. I am ridiculously tired right now, I haven’t slept in 20+ hours. By the time I get on the plane it will be almost 24 hours, so I really hope I can sleep at least a bit on the plane. I am just so terrible at sleeping anywhere that isn’t a bed, though, so GL me.

I’ll probably get to Atlantis at like 4 pm and then apparently I’m supposed to attend some seminar. I have no idea what it is right now although I vaguely remember that it sounded interesting back when I registered for it.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go to Vanessa Rousso’s bootcamp (hooray?) in the morning, and then Day 1 of the $1k ladies event is in the afternoon. I’d really love to run good in this! I sold half my action to reduce my variance, and I’d really love to make my backers some money.

If I don’t make it to Day 2 of the $1k, there’s a $300 side event for ladies on Saturday. I have no clue how many ppl it’ll get but I’m sure it’ll be insanely soft, so I’ll definitely play it.

No free Internet at Atlantis and I’m too cheap to pay for it, so I can’t update while I’m there. I’m hoping my cell works, though, and that I can text updates en route to my 1st place finish 😀

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